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£ 12.00

This blue headband has fine white stripes and a twisted knot design.

A black headband is covered in two layered blue fabrics. A pale blue fabric with fine white pinstripes is layered with a plain mid blue fabric. Both layers cover the headband and meet in the middle to form a twisted knot. We love the pretty shades of blue and the delicate white stripes. Wear this striped design as a classic headband or styled with a messy bun in place of a headscarf.

£ 12.00

This pretty pink headband is perfect for styling any look, whether you wear your hair long or in a chic up-do.

A covered black headband is transformed with contrasting plain and striped fabrics. Plain pink is layered with pink and white pinstripes. The layered fabrics are linked with a twisted knot at the front of the headband, creating a versatile accessory to suit any style. Whether you love to tie your hair in a loose and messy bun or prefer it sleek and simple, this pink and white stripes headband makes a great finishing touch.

£ 12.00

Navy blue and white polkadots create a chic headband, ideal for styling your hair up or down.

Layered plain and print fabrics cover this versatile headband. Navy blue fabric with large white polkadots is layered with a plain navy fabric. A large twisted knot at the front of the headband adds a stylish twist and creates the illusion of a fine tied scarf. We love the contrasting colours and the classic polkadot print in this super chic headband

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